Self Love

When i hear people talk of self love they make it sound so easy. Yet it took me a few good years to get to the point of accepting im different but beautiful. And the funny thing is I’m still not all the way there yet, but i am trying.


Plain Jane

Those who thought you average
Let them go
Those who thought your dreams invalid
Let them go
Those who thought you were of no use
Let them go
Those who tried to cause an eclipse in your soul
Let them go.

Clear your slate free of any doubts
Start afresh
Build with the bricks thrown at you
Start afresh
With their laughter and taunts
Start afresh
Take a step brave one do not be afraid to
Start afresh.


R Mayowe


Thinking of taking a solo holiday and be in my own company and that of strangers and kind of see how it goes. I’m anxious about it but at the same time excited like am i really doing this. but I guess I am, i need time to reflect and just be without pressures or influence of the norm for me.


Ever feel like you don’t know where you’re headed and are just in limbo. Like where you are you’re good but you still feel so down, and lost and unappreciated. No where to run or turn but expected to figure everything out alone.


So am back and giving this another shot to see how it goes. I’m mainly about poetry but in my poetry are all my raw emotions. Just trying to figure this thing called life out that keeps getting more complicated as the years pass us by.